Public Health Screening


Thanks to the Dayton and Montgomery County Department of Public Health for providing public health services at St.Paul on the first Tuesday of every month. The clinic is available to the underserved population in our area during the free Tuesday lunch. Blood pressure and blood sugar screenings are made available, as well as health and wellness counseling and referrals. Free flu shots are administered in the fall.

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Caresource Life Services

St. Paul is a community partner with the CareSource Life Services Program. Offered by CareSource, it is a new service designed to help members get and keep jobs they need to improve their lives. The service is offered at no cost to members in several Ohio counties, including Montgomery county, and specifically at St. Paul.

The program offers services and support that can pave the way from where members are to where they want to be. It offers tools to help members balance work and life and to remove barriers that stand in the way of reaching their dreams. Among other things, it helps with:

  • Employment assistance

  • Interview Skills

  • Budgeting and personal finances

  • Job Training

CareSource Life Services members get their own CareSource Life Coach who helps them build a personal plan for success. The program provides training and, in doing so, partners with employers and organizations in the community to connect members to resources and opportunities.

Caresource personnel are available weekly at St. Paul to help people who want to get ahead but often face barriers to finding or keeping a good job.

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